Live at the Boxcar

by Vagabondage



The album Live at the Boxcar was born at the Boxcar Theater in San Francisco in January 2011, when Vagabondage opened for their friend and musical cohort, the ukulele genius Kelly McCubbin who was doing a series of live shows to record his new album. On a whim they asked if their set could also be recorded for posterity and so Live at the Boxcar was born.

Album Cover Photo: Carrina Maree Photography ( )
Album Cover Design: John Flaw
Logo: Jim Jeske

Warning: Contains cussin'.


released October 12, 2011

John Flaw: vocals, guitar
Emchy: vocals, accordion
Hans Winold: upright bass


all rights reserved



Vagabondage San Francisco, California

Vagabondage is a Bay Area, California based folk-punk band that was born over nachos and wine on a tiny stage in an empty theater in San Francisco’s Mission District. With flasks held high, they play songs of heartbreak, hope, and doom, and have been getting people up on their feet to yell, drink, and sing along to their original songs since 2008. ... more

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Track Name: Cicada Song (live)
Sitting by the lakeside, letting my eyes drift into the night
That old cicada song like a long-lost and forgotten lullaby
I could die a happy man underneath the grass and sand and sky
If you find my skeleton smiling, just leave me where I lie

There's a silver light that shines just behind my fragile flesh and skin
It binds me to the earth and stars and guides me like a father from within
When I'm feeling low I ride my woes up where the air is cold and thin
Just to get a better view of everywhere I've gone and haven't been

When my final mortal thoughts are smothered by eternal burning fire
The last sound that I'd like to hear, the heavy breath of someone I desire
There's no sweeter way to go, ain't no better way to bite the wire
I can only hope my luck is up when it's my time to expire
Track Name: Two Stars (live)
The years they sit heavy, the minutes ride fast
You could cut through this night like a knife…
Gray hours of November are hard to remember
When the weather is the measure of life

There’s two stars in the night
And we’re down four bottles of wine
Two stars in the night
And we’re down four bottles of wine

You went through the door, walked into the dark
You knew not what you would find…
The thing that you feared was alone in your heart
The beating of blood and of time


The rain clouds came, the sadness is grown
The lightning and thunder caught fire
The hardest thing that you find is back home
When hearts are confused by desire

Track Name: Gallows (live)
I'm walking to the gallows a wealthy man
I'm walking to the gallows a wealthy man
Got a thousand broken memories
I've done the best I can
I'm walking to the gallows a wealthy man

Please don't tell my true love what I done
Please don't tell my true love what I done
Of all the men she's had before
I'm the only one
So please don't tell my true love what I done

If I fly on high or burn below
If I fly on high or burn below
It doesn't matter anyhow
I'll die before I go
If I fly on high or burn below

I'm walking to the gallows a wealthy man
I'm walking to the gallows a wealthy man
I'm walking to the gallows a wealthy man...
Track Name: Raise Your Glass (live)
Raise your glass of ale tonight
Raise it to flourescent lights
'Cause soon enough this night will end
And we will find the street again

You were such a gorgeous mess
Guys tried to light your cigarettes
The flames would dance around your dress
As you drink your whiskey singing


You were always what I need
But you could not control your speed
I reach for your hand but it's never there
I still have that lock of hair


I thought that we would just be friends
And stick together 'til the end
But you and I aren't what we need
And now we sing on broken feet


Summer flies and winter falls
Soon we'll be trapped inside these walls
So drink to freedom and drink to friends
'Cause soon enough this night will end
Track Name: Throw the Goat (live)
One of these magicians is bound to get it right
Another damn musician in the middle of the night
The whores are stumbling out from the darkness of their rooms
The whole town's looking up the street to see what he can do

He throws the goat, throw the goat!
Let's get the people swaying
Throw the goat, throw the goat!
Rock out like we're praying
Throw the goat, throw the goat!
No time can be wasted
We're watching history make itself
Lets strip our souls buck naked!

The magician lifts his hand not once but twice and a third time
The tightrope walker is holding fast to the arms of the bird man
The crowd is hushed and still again, no one knows what we're needing
Except some goddamn magic fast so we don't forget we're living


He reaches in his pocket, silver flashes in his hand
Smoke curls from his fingers like a shotgun on the lam
A smile across his face as he tips his flask and drinks
"A toast!" he yells "To rock and roll!" and then begins to sing...